Hints for Organising Exhibitions at St Lawrence’s Centre

Arrangements with Contributors

Advise contributors that you are inviting them to show their work.  Give them details of the exhibition: title, dates, opening hours, conditions for entry, maximum number of pictures/items and charges.  (You will have established the charges that the St Lawrence’s Centre will be charging and this will need to be reflected in what you charge contributors)  Include a statement that work is exhibited at the artists’ own risk and that St Lawrence’s is not liable for any loss or damage.

Attach a form for them to confirm they are exhibiting and details of their entries, give deadline for reply.  If you will need help in manning the exhibition (which must not be left unattended) ask them to let you know when they might be able to sit-in.

If you are having a Private Viewing, design an invitation, listing exhibiting artists.

Confirm that contributors have been accepted and if appropriate give them details of the date and time of the Private View enclosing an initial supply of Private View invitations for them to send to their own contacts and friends. Ask them to ask for more if required.   You will need to include details about delivery of their work and hanging.  Works should have labels on the back giving artist’s name, address, tel no., title of the work, medium and price.  A separate label should also be made for each work, unless you decide to number the works and have a typed catalogue. Labels should be clear and adopt the same style.

Give times for collection of unsold work, usually the end of the last day of the exhibition, when cheques and cash from sales are given to the artists and commission/hanging fee charges collected from them.

Setting Up

 Leave at least one clear day for setting up the show. The hanging system of rods and hooks which hang from the existing picture rail is easy and quick to use. Three-dimensional work can be displayed on the staging tables which stack on one another.

Private Viewings

Usually held on the evening before the opening of the show.  The centre has a good supply of glasses, tea cloths, table cloths and tables, as well as plates and bowls for holding nibbles. There are washing up facilities.  Arrange wines, water and soft drinks.  Village Cellars in South Walsham village may be able to supply on a sale or return basis.

Other Admin 

Blank Sales Sheets should be made, clear and accurate records of sales should be made by the sitters-in and space left for recording numbers of visitors. Guidance notes for sitters-in who may not be familiar with St L’s and its facilities. Confirm arrangements for picking up the key to the St Lawrence’s Centre.

Good Luck !